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Instandsetzung von Verkehrsflächen, Industrieböden und Dichtflächen für HBV- und LAU-Anlagen

Coating of Air Traffic Surfaces


Duroplastic Rough Coating (D2) under BFR 9021

The BETOFLOOR OSS-F system fulfills the high requirements of BFR 9021 and proffers apart from the excellent power unit firmness, a high frost-dew-change resistance and stability to flight fuel, a perfect grip of the surface.

The system consists on an undercoat, a coating and a KOPFSPRITZUNG and can be produced in different colour tones.

The basic colour tones are concrete-grey, light-grey, olive-green and black.

Thermoplastischer Raubelag

Thermoplastic Rough Coating (T1) under BFR 9021

The thermoplastic rough coating will be deployed prevailing on asphalt top layers. It serves to improve the grip stability and the protection on the surface before we use the de-icing mediums and the influence of weather.

Also the emeciate asphalt surfaces can be repaired reasonbale by this system, to minimize for example the frost damages.

Sanierte Flugfläche

The SAPO thermoplastic S systems distinguishes by an easy processing and it is very environmental friendly. The system does not contain tar connections.