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Instandsetzung von Verkehrsflächen, Industrieböden und Dichtflächen für HBV- und LAU-Anlagen

Repair of Runway Damages

Reparatur von Fahrbahnschäden
We do not need longer off-periods with our fast-hardening repair system. We can repair outbreaks, joint edges and corner stops/demolition with our PC-mortar BETOPOX 012 Rapid (R2/R4) within a short period. A traffic clearance can be affected within 30 min depending on the robustness system and the component temperature.

The system is controlled by TP RH-BEB StB 02.

Reparatur von Fahrbahnschäden
Our new product BETOPOX AS is a very fast asphalt repair mortar on EP-basis. The flexibilization is accommodated to the thermoplastic feature of the asphalt top layer.

That is a really economical repair in case long inhibition lead to considerably traffic interferences, for example on motorways.

The reparation leak can be already used after 20 min and has a more essential stability, such as cold or reaction asphalt.