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Instandsetzung von Verkehrsflächen, Industrieböden und Dichtflächen für HBV- und LAU-Anlagen

Complete Reconstruction of Air Traffic Surfaces


Our main work is the reconstruction and maintenance of air traffic surfaces. We cover the complete surface with our compatible products.

We refloat parking spaced, roll ways, filling areas, hangar aprons and the runways.

We offer reasonbale and flexible maintenance concepts for the ongoing secure service.

Beschädigte Abstellfläche
A parking space with damaged joints, edge breakouts, destroyed repairing parts and splits.

Teerhaltige Vergussmasse
The containing tar potting compound will be removed by machine and disposed environmental friendly. The removed and converted potting compound will be disposed.

Risszonen repariert
We repair corner breakouts and damaged split zones with our PC-mortar BETOPOX 012, permanently and highly resilient.

Sanierte Abstellfläche
The refloated parking space with the new surface coating under BFR 9021 “duroplastic rough surface type D2” and a constant fuel splicing with a 2K-polysulfide.